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The Music Gallery L.T.D hereby informs the users of the website www.musicgallery.com.cy (hereinafter the “Website”) about the use of cookies through the website.

By navigating to the website www.musicgalllery.com.cy you agree and accept the use of cookies on your computer in accordance with the terms of this User Policy. This policy applies only to the website www.musicgallery.com.cy and not to any other websites that the user might literature review where can i buy a research paper consult or access through links that the Website may include.

Cookies are text files that contain bundles of information that are stored on the directory of the web browser of a user’s computer or mobile device (e.g. notebook, tablet, smartphone, etc.) every time a website is accessed online through the browser. Whenever this website is visited again subsequently, the browser sends these cookies to the website that originated them or to another website. The cookies allow these websites to memorize some information so that the person visiting the website can explore it quickly and easily. A cookie cannot bring up any other data from the user’s hard drive, nor can it transmit computer viruses or obtain email addresses. Every cookie is unique to the user’s browser.

Similar technologies, e.g. web beacons or transparent GIFs, can be used to gather information on a user’s behaviour and his/her use of the services. In this Cookie Policy, all such technologies will be referred to as “cookies”

There are various types of cookies, some devised to make use of the website more efficient and to improve the browsing experience of the user, others enabling particular functions to operate.

More information on cookies can be found at the following URL sites:


Types of cookies used

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used to make certain sections of the WEBSITE function correctly. The Website uses only technical cookies, those that are “strictly necessary to transmit a communication or provide a specific service as requested by a subscriber or user” (Article 4 par. 5 of Law 3471/2006)

They can be divided into browser cookies and session cookies, which ensure that the Website functions properly:

  • analytics cookies, which are technical cookies when they are used to measure and analyse overall user numbers and behaviour on a particular website;
  • functionality cookies, which make it possible to tailor the website according to various choices made by the user (e.g. language, etc), in order to provide improved service.
  • No prior consent from users is required for the installation of these types of cookies, although the obligation to provide information about them still stands, in accordance with Article 4 par. 5 of Law 3471/2006.

    The acquisition and processing of data obtained by the use of technical cookies is necessary if the Website is to function properly. If a user objects to the use of these technical cookies, he/she will not be able to access and view the Website properly.

    Here is a list of the technical and analytics cookies used by the Website:

    Cookie Description Duration Purpose
    _ga GA1.2.1979037840.1522151883 90 days Smooth & correct site operation
    _gid GA1.2.125138355.1522151883 1 day Smooth & correct site operation
    ASP.NET_SessionId Browsing data as long as there is a connection Smooth & correct site operation

    Apart from technical cookies, the general rule governing the use of an electronic communication network “to gain access to information stored in the terminal equipment of a subscriber or user” is that prior informed consent must be given by the user, i.e. that the user should opt in rather than opt out.

    This means that all cookies that cannot rightly be termed “technical”, and which therefore are more critical for user privacy protection, e.g. those used to provide a profile of the user, may not be installed on users’ terminals unless the user has been adequately informed in advance and has given a valid consent.

    Third-party websites:

    When browsing a website, the user may receive cookies from third parties.

    Third-party cookies are installed by a different website from the one the user is browsing. This is because every website may contain elements (pictures, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc,) that are on servers other than that of the website being viewed.

    Here is a list of the third-party cookies used by the Website:

    Cookie Description Retention Period Purpose
    Ajax.googleapis.com ecdsa_sign Connection Period
    Doubleclick.net ecdsa_sign Connection Period
    Facebook.com fr 90 days Update Site Analytics
    Facebook.com Connection Period Update Site Analytics
    Fonts.googleapis.com ecdsa_sign Connection Period
    Google-analytics.com ecdsa_sign Connection Period Update Site Analytics
    Google.com ecdsa_sign Connection Period Update Site Analytics
    Google.com ecdsa_sign Connection Period Update Site Analytics
    Googleadservices.com ecdsa_sign Connection Period Update Site Analytics
    Googletagmanager.com ecdsa_sign Connection Period Update Site Analytics

    How to manage cookies by configuring the browser. Some users may not consent to the storage of information collected through cookies by their computer. Each browser includes detailed instructions regarding their policy for the use of cookies.

    If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may modify the settings of your browser so as to be warned, when cookies are being sent, to deactivate all or some of the cookies used by the Website or to delete cookies already installed by the Website.

    The majority of the Website’s functions shall operate without the use of cookies. However, if you deactivate cookies, you shall not have access to certain services and features of the Website.

    Here are the pages of browser suppliers that give detailed instructions on how to set your privacy preferences according to the browser used:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Enable and disable cookies
  • Google Chrome: Manage cookies and other website data
  • Safari 6/7 (Mavericks): Manage cookies and other website data data
  • Safari 8 (Yosemite): Manage cookies and other website data
  • Internet Explorer: Enable and disable cookies
  • Opera: Cookies
  • Safari iOS (mobile): Safari web setting on your Iphone, iPad or Pad touch
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