IK MULTIMEDIA TONEX Capture Tone Modeling and reamplification


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IK MULTIMEDIA TONEX Capture Tone Modeling and reamplification

The perfect all-in-one companion for Tone Modeling and reamplification

Record your rig, your way
TONEX Capture gives you the freedom to capture your rig any way you want. Connect your amp, combo or pedal to your audio interface and use the TONEX Machine Modeling software to create a high-quality Tone Model of your rig you can use anywhere.

Direct Amp
TONEX Capture allows you to feed your amp with exactly the right signal using the left attenuation control
TONEX Capture “From Amp” circuit takes a copy of your amp’s direct output and safely sends it back to your audio interface’s input

Amp + Cab
Have access to a nice mic collection and recording space? You can also use TONEX Capture to capture your sound including your cabinet.

Connect TONEX Capture to your amplifier and audio interface as usual
Mic up your cabinet as you prefer using your interface or standalone mic preamps

Amp + Cab Plus Direct
The best of both worlds. Connect both direct amp and amp + cab for ultimate freedom to build the best guitar or bass tone.

Use both the TO AMP and FROM AMP circuits, plus mic up your cabinet
The TONEX software can capture either mic’d or direct signal for Tone Modeling


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